About Allison

Allison is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, MA where she studied writing, documentary film production, and art & design.

An American Girl in Israel was written based on her experiences while living and working in Tel Aviv in 2010. She is currently living and working in San Francisco, CA and you can check out her current work here: http://www.allisongay.com

Through this blog, I hope to give you, my reader, an alternative and entertaining glimpse of what life in Israel is like.

contact: allisonrachel.gay@gmail.com

One response to “About Allison

  1. Hi Allison,
    I am a 5o plus year old American Woman from Boston who loves your blog!
    I married a sweet man from Tel Aviv and moved here a few months ago ( believe it or not we are a product of the internet).
    My daughter is at Berklee and my son is in LA ( photographer ).
    I wanted you to know that I smiled and laughed my way through your blog and your perspective is wonderful to this American ( who doesn’t know any Hebrew).
    Ulpan is happening in a few weeks ( Yikes)!!
    Anyway, now I cant wait to taste the Hummus you’ve described ( naturally eating Hummus at home here) out in the restaurants.
    I am sure your enjoying every moment in Tel Aviv.
    Did you miss all the glaciers and 10 feet of dirty snow covered mountains
    this Winter?
    looking forward to hearing your travels 🙂

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