post 1: Shalom Tel Aviv!

My first blog post will be a general layout of everything that I’ve noticed upon arrival.

To start off, the vibe in Tel Aviv is fast paced, modern, and eclectic.

The streets are definitely grungy and dirty, but at the same time so vibrant and unique! On the outside, buildings look old and dirty. But on the inside, everything and everyone is contemporary and trendy. In terms of the buildings, they say that Tel Aviv is the Bauhaus architecture capital of the world. If you want info about the architecture in Tel Aviv click here.

The Israeli people are beautiful: I’ve noticed that the average woman here is very tan and full of attitude. She walks the streets comfortably and confidently. The average man seems to be aggressive yet kind. Also dark and handsome, with strong features.

Unlike the typical city noises back at home (like the clicking of high heels on pavement, and the engines of big trucks and SUV’s in the streets), the city noises in Tel Aviv are instead made up of the clicking of sandy flip-flops against people’s heels, and a more subdued “vroom” coming from scooters and vespa’s.

The beach is huge, and so close to everything! People are very laid back. Free WiFi in all cafes. And everything stays open all night. It is HOT and humid out right now, and will continue to be for the next month or so. And most importantly: The food. Is. Amazing.

More stories and pictures on all of that to come! I hope this gives you a basic understanding of how Tel Aviv looks and feels.


One response to “post 1: Shalom Tel Aviv!

  1. Hi Allison,
    Just to say I found your blog through the tastetlv blog and have just been reading through the entries and love your writing 🙂
    I arrived in Tel Aviv with my b’friend and daughter (aged 4) at the start of September (also) and have been experiencing a similar kind of magic and happiness through being here.
    Unfortunately we are due to go back to London next week but it’s been an amazing experience.
    Good luck with the rest of your trip!

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